• Apple iPhone memory capacity UK class action

    Create on: 23/02/2017 11:28

    This Alert Affects: All consumers who bought an Apple smartphone or tablet

    iPhone memory capacity: class action against Apple

    Class action against Apple iPhone for the discrepancy between the stated memory space of their smartphones and tablets and the actual facts, with memory capacity shown by tests in laboratory to be up to 40% less than declared.

    A deceptive commercial practice by Apple, which affected the choices of consumers who opted for devices which actually did not possess the technical features advertised.

    Consumers bought mobiles or tablets thinking, for instance, that they had 16 GB of available memory, but on first starting the device they would find out they had 40% less than that.

    Less memory means fewer apps they could install, fewer photos or videos they could store, harder, if at all possible, operating system updates.

    The effective memory capacity should be clearly stated.

    Example: Instead of 16GB would be 12GB or 32GB would be 26GB…


    How can I participate?

    We invite all consumers who bought an iPhone mobile or tablet to join our case for free to start a class action and get their compensation.

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