• Mercedes BlueTec defective emission controls

    This Alert Affects: Owners of Mercedes models powered by BlueTEC diesel-fueled engines

    Your "clean diesel" car may be producing illegal amounts of polluting emissions.

    Mercedes stating the automaker knowingly programmed its Clean Diesel vehicles to emit illegal, dangerous levels of nitrogen oxide (NOx) at levels higher than those permitted, when operating in temperatures below 10 °C.

    Mercedes models powered by BlueTEC diesel-fueled engines are affected by the unlawful, unfair, deceptive and otherwise defective emission controls utilized by Mercedes.


    The suit seeks relief for those who purchased the affected vehicles, including injunctive relief in the form of a recall or free replacement program and restitution including either recovery of the purchase price, overpayment or diminution in value due to Mercedes’ misleading statements and omissions regarding the emission levels of its Clean Diesel BlueTEC vehicles.


    Nitrogen-oxide (NOx) emissions cause health problems, including respiratory diseases like asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, and cancer. Breathing NOx can also aggravate existing heart disease.


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