• FireEye made false or misleading statements

    This Alert Affects: UK shareholders who purchased securities between 2 March 2014 and 12 March 2014

    Class Action against FireEye Inc (‘FireEye’) on behalf of existing UK  based shareholders who purchased securities in FireEye, between 2 March 2014 and 12 March 2014.

    The Class Action is based on allegations that FireEye made false and/or misleading statements and/or failed to disclose to investors that:


       Fire Eye’s business model had changed substantially from providing software with high fixed costs, but low marginal costs that would not escalate with increases in its subscriber base, to providing end-to-end services;


       Fire Eye’s undisclosed strategy would require increasing numbers of highly trained professional staff to respond to network security breaches; and


       As a result, FireEye’s costs would escalate incrementally with an increased customer base, and potentially jeopardise their future profitability.


    A Class Action has already been filed in the U.S, and at this stage, we would like to invite any shareholders who purchased securities in Fire Eye, or any of its subsidiaries, during the time frame specified above, to JOIN the claim to start the class action.


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    What should I do now? 

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