What is ClassActing.com?

ClassActing.com is the Web’s most innovative place to be for mass litigation.

We are revolutionizing the legal sector by introducing a new and easy way for groups of people to protect themselves from a variety of entities including: companies, products or any situation that can be a potential cause of legal distress.

Our technology-rich platform connects people who have suffered any type of violation with Top Law Firms and Attorneys, tearing down the costs from traditional legal practices in order to get the best legal services in the fastest way possible and proceed with the most effective class action.

What can I do using ClassActing?

Users can:

Attorneys and Law Firms can:

What is a class action?

A class action, class suit, or representative action is a type of  lawsuit where one of the parties is a group of people who are represented collectively.
Imagine someone overcharges you 20x (having “x” as a value). It's not worth losing time, money and emotional expense to fight over such a small sum. But imagine if a million people fought back to reclaim 20x. They would be fighting to get back 20x million collectively.

What type of cases does ClassActing run?

Any case that involves more people for the same reason

What is the benefit of joining or creating a claim on ClassActing.com?

ClassActing.com is tearing down the costly infrastructure from the traditional legal practices in order to offer a fair legal service to its users. This way, users can quickly start a class action and meet their expectations with the best legal firms.

Do I pay?

Users pay a small fee only once that their claim has been taken in charge from an attorney that will then proceeds with a class action to court.
Only users that paid the fee, will be part of the class action and will get their compensation. (the fee includes administrative costs for Attorneys to start and proceed with the case) Attorneys and law firms pay a monthly service cost.

I have an idea for a class action but it’s not in ClassActing’s claim list?

Users, law firms or attorneys can always start a new claim, share it online to reach more people

Can I join a class action if I’m not citizen in the same area?

Yes, if I can provide docs or proofs that I was damaged in that specific case and area

How many claims can I join or create at once?

Do I need to provide documents / proof to join a claim?

It depends, some cases require different kind of proofs or docs. You must be able to proof you have the same damage or problem described in the claim

How many people do we need to make a class action started?

Just enough to receive attention from one of our attorneys (min 50 is required)

I have a question that is not listed

You can always contact us from our contact page “Contact”