ClassActing Ltd is a UK registered company. Founded in May 2016 from three entrepreneurs that decided to develop and market a new effective process in the class actions legal sector. is the first online service provider that links together individuals with law firms and attorneys, tearing down the costs from traditional legal practices delivering the best legal service and proceed with the most effective class action.


We are revolutionizing the legal sector by introducing a new and easy way for groups of people to protect themselves from a variety of entities including companies, products or any situation that can be a potential cause of legal distress.
Our technology-rich platform connects people who have suffered any type of violation with Top Law Firms and Attorneys, killing all bureaucracy from traditional class action practices. We make class actions become simple.


On the one hand, we group together people who have suffered any kind of mass legal distress into concrete class actions. On the other hand, we select top qualified law firms and attorneys, giving them access to a rich and well-organized catchment area.